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If you are involved in a child custody dispute, it is important to be aware of what Mississippi courts look at when making custody determinations. One important question that often surfaces is whether adultery can disqualify a parent from obtaining custody. Adultery is a factor that can play a part in child custody determinations, but it is not necessarily the deciding factor; and the extent to which adultery affects a custody determination depends on the circumstances. Most importantly, in a child custody dispute between divorcing parents, Mississippi courts consistently award custody of the child (or children) to the parent that will better serve the “best interests and welfare” of the child. This “best interests of the child” standard serves as a guiding light for the courts in all custody cases in Mississippi. Riley v. Doerner, 677 So. 2d 740, 744 (Miss. 1996) (citing Sellers v. Sellers, 638 So.2d 481, 485 (Miss.1994)).

Courts will usually first look at several legal presumptions that have been developed over the years to further the “best interests of the child” standard. Such presumptions include the presumption against a violent parent having custody of the child, or the presumption that natural parents should be favored over an adoptive parent. Beyond these legal presumptions, courts will look at the often-used Albright factors, named after a 1983 Mississippi case. See Albright v. Albright, 437 So. 2d 1003 (Miss. 1983). A brief overview of these Albright factors can be found here.
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